What is Gospel Centrality?

There is a lot of talk about Gospel centrality these days.  What do we mean by this?  Here are a few questions to help diagnosis whether we are really keeping the Gospel of Grace as the central component in our thinking, devotional life and ministry.

1.  Is the bulk of our thinking and teaching devoted to revealing who God is and what He has done or is it oriented to application, self help and what we must do?

2. Is the lasting impression that we leave in our minds and the minds of those that we are around something that must be done or what God has already done?

3.  Does our teaching and thinking accurately and intentionally reveal God for who He really is (ultimate, sovereign & supreme) and us for who we really are (depraved, wicked & without hope apart from the gospel)?  Do we unknowingly make Him in our image?

4.  Is it rooted in biblical, historical, orthodox Christianity?

5.  Does it produce worship?

The Gospel is an announcement about what God has done on behalf of sinners.  It’s not good news if we have to do something to make ourselves good.