Free at Last!

Tullian Tchividjian recently started a new series on the book of Galatians entitled Free At Last, here are some of the highlights from the first installment.

  • “The Roman Catholic Church of his day had so distorted the gospel of God’s free grace by adding our need to do to Christ’s ‘it is finished.'”
  • “The performance driven, do it yourself, check list version of Christianity the pervades the church today sadly mirrors the church at the time of the reformation.”
  • There is a constant temptation that we all have to add something to the finished work of Christ.
  • “Grace is not an abstract concept; grace is Jesus Christ who gave himself for our sins.”  Galatians 1:4
  • “Law promises that life can be formulaic, it gives us a sense of manageability.  The Law seems safe because it is predictable.”
  • “Grace throws our glory train off the tracks, it wrestles control out of our hands.”
  • “It’s easy to run back to the law, it’s more natural to run back to the law…It’s very easy to go back to the formulas, it’s very easy to go back to the check lists and to do lists, it’s easy, there’s something inside of us that craves it  – that wants it.  And what we don’t realize is that thing inside, that part of us inside that craves it is that part of us that is resisting grace.”
  • “We think it’s just fine to say, ‘ok, I get it, but tell me what to do.’  That’s the part of you that needs to be put to death.”
  • “Perhaps, maybe we can regain control of our marriage, or regain control of our children or regain control of this that or the other, if you’d just tell us what to do.  Give us a checklist so I can get back in control of my life.”
  • This is not new, it’s OLD and has been LOST FOR SO LONG!
  • “The flesh is always resistant to “it is finished’ – always.”
  • “Mortification begins with that part of us that resists grace.”
  • “God demands perfection, not progress.”

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