Are you partaking or are you passively sitting out

The cast of people who discover Jesus’ empty tomb and whom Jesus commissions is not exactly an “A-Team” of high capacity people.  That is just the way Jesus likes it, He uses the weak things of this world to bring himself glory (1 Corinthians 1:27).  Mary Magdalene, the formerly demon possessed woman (along with other women) discover the empty tomb; the testimony of a woman was not admissible in court, much less a formally demon possessed woman!  Not exactly the strategy that we would choose to establish the creditability of the resurrection!  We then see Thomas, who is plagued by doubts and Peter who is so impulsive that he jumps out of his boat and swims to shore.  But, Jesus engages them, loves them and commissions them – these people are the ones that He chose to build His church.  Is there any doubt Who the real the builder is?  These disciples were just partakers in God’s divine plan.  Are you partaking or are you passively sitting out?

-John 20:16-21:25