Believing the Gospel

“At the root of the human condition is a struggle for righteousness and identity.  We long for a sense of acceptance, approval, security, and significance-because we were designed by God to find these things in him.  But sin has separated us from God and created in us a deep sense of alienation.” Page 33

“Theologically speaking, pretending and performing are just two sophisticated ways of establishing our own righteousness.  When we pretend, we are making ourselves out to be better than we are.  When we perform, we are trying to please God by what we do.”  Page 33

“Our souls must become deeply rooted in the truth of the gospel so that we anchor our righteousness and identity in Jesus and not in ourselves.”  Page 34

“We don’t need to do anything to secure God’s love and acceptance; Jesus has secured it for us.  When we embrace the gospel in this way, the infinite standard of God’s holiness is no longer fearful or intimidating.  It leads to worship, because Jesus has met it for us.  Our identity is in him.  The good news of the gospel is not that God favors us because of who we are, but that he favors us in spite of who we are.”  Page 35

-From The Gospel-Centered Life by World Harvest Mission.  Download a free sample of chapter 1 here