Transient treasures

Are transient treasures the measuring stick that you use to determine how well you and others are doing in life?    What captures your interests, consumes your energy, do you fantasize about; are these transient or eternal?1

Using worldly things to define us means that they end up controlling us.  We want to create the impression that everything is ok, that we’ve got it all figured out, that we are a success; so we continue to pursue transient things in an attempt to define ourselves.  Worldly wealth is the primary vehicle that most people use to build their identity, significance and worth.  We control how others view us by what we drive, what we wear, where we live and what we do for a living.  Could it be that the pace of our lives has gotten so fast because we are pursuing so many things that we think will make our lives work better, but in the end they are all transient?  Maybe we shouldn’t spend all of our time chasing those things which are transient.  The more earthly treasure we have, the more maintenance they require.  Be careful not to set your focus on the applause of men or the treasures of this world.

Heart Matters

1Matthew 6:19-24