What you treasure reveals what your heart is really pursuing

What are you spending your life pursuing and building – worldly, transient treasures or faith?  (Matthew 6:21)

Matthew 6:21 is the focal point of this section; Jesus tells us,“for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”  What you treasure reveals what your heart is really pursuing.  We reveal what we treasure by how we spend our time, what we pursue, what we spend our resources on, and what consumes the majority of our thinking.   Regardless of what we tell ourselves and others, these things reveal what we really treasure in life.  How we view our money just reveals what is really going on in our heart – what we really think is worth chasing.  Do you see life as if this is all there is or do you see a future economy?  Would the way that you spend your time, money and pursuit bear witness to this?  Instead of viewing worldly wealth as the end goal of our pursuit, we need a shift to occur so that we use it to invest in eternal things – to advance the gospel, care for the poor, investing in a future economy.  What do you dream about?  When you say, “If only I had ____,” or “if only ____ were true,” or “if only _____would do ____,” you reveal what you really treasure.  What we treasure is where our hearts really are, which drives disciplines, desires and behaviors.